12 Ways to Overcome Pornography

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"Discovering Your Feminine Genius" on May 3, 2013

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Good Info Sources:
  • Men, you'll love this:  Chris Stefanick - Men's Session - Steubenville North Rochester.
    Manhood – info on what it is . . .



  • Ladies, here’s an awesome video by Mary Bielski - Women's Session - Steubenville Atlanta.
    "I don't want a man to lust after me.  I want a man to cherish me, to see my heart . . ."


  • Matt Fradd - Breaking Free from Pornography
    This is a super positive, inspiring video!  *Matt's content begins about 14:40.* 

  • Paul George - "Queen of the Eighth Day" - this is too awesome to describe!
    (Are you eating rolly polly bugs . . . ? ;)

  • The Great "What If . . ." – (Mark Hart)

  • What Is Love? – (Mark Hart)


Awesome Sites and Links:

has tons of good info, including:




www.chastity.com - awesome authentic love site

www.covenanteyes.com - help for pornography challenges

www.e5men.org - resources for men

www.integrityrestored.com - help for men battling pornography

www.foryourmarriage.org - marriage info and support

www.theporneffect.com help for pornography challenges

- great chastity group

www.rachelsvineyard.org - healing if you're hurting from abortion 

www.reallove.net - pro-chastity site with articles, etc.

www.gabrielproject.com - help for pregnant women :)

www.ccli.org - natural family planning info married couples

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